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KHA Parts Sdn Bhd (国丰)
5825 OHNO

5825 OHNO

The trademark 5'825 belongs to the Japanese company Ohno Rubber Industrial, one of the most famous manufacturers of rubber products for Japanese cars. The company was founded in 1941 and is the most popular in the domestic market of Japan. The main products are anthers of the joints and steering, as well as oil drain plugs.

The head office of the company is in Tokyo. Three plants and several distribution centers are also located on the territory of the country. There are no manufactures and branches in other countries, all products are manufactured exclusively in Japan, which is the reason for the high quality and deserved authority of the products of this brand.

The original materials and technologies used in the production of products 5'825 allow them to be applied in the widest range of temperatures, which is very important for rubber parts. In Russia, the anthers of the SHRUS of this brand have been officially imported since 1998 and have perfectly proved themselves, keeping working capacity even in extreme conditions of the Far North.


Drive shaft boots

It is used to protect the bearing part of the drive shaft from entry of dust and to prevent muddy water infiltration from the outside of the boot. In addition, we are also acting to soften vibration due to rotation. 
In general cars, most are mounted on the front wheel side, but some 4WD cars are also attached to the rear wheel side. 
We mainly use rubber excellent in oil resistance and weather resistance.


Steering boots

It stretches when cutting the steering wheel. Also, since the shaft also expands and contracts, it works to prevent dust and the like from entering it. 
We mainly use weather-resistant rubber.


5825 OHNO